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Post by Tokon on Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:56 am

Awesome game, i really like it! Can't wait for more bosses, especially the raid bosses from WoW. =)
Here are some things, that could make it even more enjoyable for me:

- armory attack
It's a cool event to see once, but it happens way too often and gets boring quickly.

- mission room attack
Maybe it's because of the combat text trinket, but we got severe FPS drops, almost to unplayable.
I don't know if it's clearable, but maybe we shouldn't be able to queue for bosses as long as it's going on.

- special abilities
They need to scale somehow. 40-60 damage isn't significant for those cooldowns after level 10.
Probably about +10% for each level up? Would be a lot more useful later on.

- weapons
The sheer variety with the quick swap trinket gives a lot of depth for min/maxing, that's really cool!
However, I'd love to see dps and bonus dmg to X on first sight without equipping and calculating first.

Hopefully it gets more popular for random multiplayer. You could try to get it featured by BlizzardArcade.
It's obvious you put a lot of effort into all the different bosses.
The talent system, gear and classes are awesome.


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