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Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz

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Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz Empty Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz

Post by Pray on Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:48 am

I guess I'll start with bosses:
Tier 1 bosses are all amazing and interesting fights for beginners, especially in larger groups.

Tier 2 bosses on the other hand only have a bit more health than tier 1s and are waay easier to fight overall (except void phantom, which is great).

    • The Odin doesn't have enough damage threats and has too limited aoe damage in groups, especially when he stops to focus fire on one person; he needs to keep more than just 1 person on their toes while while he does that, and overall just demonstrate more of the immense arsenal we would expect of the Odin.

    • The Leviathan is literally a sitting duck that tries to ram people, and the only spawns it has are zerglings that come in overlords. Even the Lurker had tons of more threatening spawns. I'd like to see zerg air spawns, directly from the Leviathan itself, as well as the ability to autoattack, and the ability to ram in other directions (not just straight downwards). It currently needs a lot more power to be threatening.

    • Kerrigan (boss) is too slow and doesn't use enough psionic abilities while on her ultralisk. The Ultralisk is very slow and players can currently run away from it and do most of their damage at the same time. The Ultralisk needs to either be a lot more punishing if it ever gets in range of a player (Maybe some ability to crowd control players, like the infestor), or just more mobile. Kerrigan should use more psionic abilities, as well as abilities that are larger and actually require dodging, or perhaps have her use her ranged psionic autoattack while on the ultralisk. Kerrigan off of her ultralisk needs some sort of autoattack, maybe a strong melee like Yagdra to slap players who think they can sit in her face to shoot her, so she doesn't just walk around awkwardly. Again, she needs more psionic abilities for her "godlike powers". Her health bar also seems to carry over from the Ultralisk, making it feel extremely low in the two more challenging stages of her fight; the ultralisk should probably have its own health bar and not take up part of Kerrigan's overall health bar (especially since the ultralisk stage is just soo easy).

    • The Queen is basically a sitting duck that has a chance to grab someone and try to eat them or do a negligible (negligible to groups at least) amount of single target autoattack dps; her AI doesn't make much sense, as sometimes, she grabs someone and tries to eat them, and other times, she just walks around. I feel that a Queen should be a lot more "spawny" and make a LOT more creeps (at least against larger groups), try to avoid players that are grouped up (by retreating to a poisoned area), and if it must grab and try to eat players, it should focus on low health players. Currently, the Queen is the fastest boss to farm for drops in the game and is only threatening to squishy single players who get grabbed and eaten, or grabbed into a poisoned area (and eaten).

    The tier 3 bosses are mostly good/balanced, but their abilities can become monotonous over their high hp bars.

      • Yagdra can be a tough fight, does tons of damage, and feels balanced for tier 3, but his pattern is very repetitive. He could use more variety in his abilities, as he only seems to have 4 breath attacks and the ability to pop up under someone. His breath ability that follows a player with a targeting indicator tends to miss 50% of the area in the indicator and will often not hit a targeted player who simply stands still. Also, he only seems to have decent ability to lock down a single player, and no ability to target spread out groups of players (though most groups of players tend to huddle together to take all of his damage). Not sure if that's intentional though.

      • Archangel is a decent boss, though he nearly exclusively uses missiles (I understand that;s the entire concept of the Archangel, so I guess it can't be helped) and most of the threat comes from minions piling up.

      • Templars are my favorite boss and has all round difficulty in all its stages, but I'd like to see the high templar use more psionic and high templar looking abilities, rather than weird toxic looking green stuff and use more abilities that target multiple players. It would also be nice to see some cloaking by the dark templar, maybe while its not attacking/using a skill, and a (probably brief, due to the expected difficulty) stage where you fight both templars at once and take out their last bit of hp before they morph into the Archon. The Archon itself is a well rounded fight, but I'm not sure what the blue puffballs are, and they can be really difficult to notice when he uses the ability that makes one follow each player. If there's a way to make that ability a bit less ninja "what just killed me, I don't even know O.o" for new players, that would be nice.

      • Slivan's fight can get monotonous, but I don't think that can be helped, given what Slivan is.

      • Artanis is simply way too weak while he's not using skills and is only difficult if void rays pile up while he's using the following rays. Artanis needs to use skills more often, not have the blind spot in the corners when he does his spinning ray attack, have more or much larger of those vortexes that seem to lock down player skills, and have more skills in general. I would like to see the Artanis warp in the flying units directly, use time warp directly on players, and maybe have a cloaking field requiring players to fight spawn far away from the Artanis, or a carrier spawn at low hp.

      Out of the tier 4 bosses, only Tassadar seems to be an interesting and balanced fight.

      • Dehaka and Fenix literally just try to dunk the ┬ánearest person, though Dehaka has some various other abilities and Fenix only spawns some zerglings. Dehaka has decent abilities, but needs to have a better AI and target strategically (not just the nearest person), and maybe have more variety in his spawns. One of the interesting things about Dehaka was that he could jump cliffs like a reaper; it would be very interesting to have a map that has several altitudes of terrain, allowing Dehaka more mobility in that map than players. Fenix needs to be something other than a really large zealot backed up by zerglings; I'm not sure what, but he needs a lot.
        The Warhound hurts if he lands his orb or missiles on you, but he has very little killing potential and could use an overall buff somehow.

      Zurban has some blindspots where only spawns can target you, like in the corners to his right and left; other than that, he's a cool boss to fight that definitely requires teamwork.Skills:

        • G4 charge is need some serious buffs, as it's ground only, has a massive delay, and does next to no damage.

        • Pint sized yamato gun, plasma gun, and kinetic blast are nearly the same thing.

        • Psionic charge and void lash are actually the same thing, just different colors.

        • Chrono shift doesn't seem to have any effect on bosses at all; it will probably need to have at least limited effect to be usable (I mean, it's Ultimate BOSS Battles).

        • Timed bomb is very strange looking with its missile projectile that explodes a little after it hits the target.
          Overcharge has glitched damage and doesn't benefit from skill damage.

        • Spider mines have quite a long arming time, don't last long, and are ground only. They could use a significant buff.
          Seeker missile is waay too weak compared to missile calldown.

        • Archon blast and corrosive blast do a different amount of damage from what the tooltip says.
          Crushing grip's tooltip is Q instead of R

        • Hunter's Primals are too slow to keep up with any moving boss, and are too weak. Maybe make having a primal pet spawn 2 zerglings rather than one.

        • Hunter's Roaches do too little damage for being ground only and only have minor survivability over locusts.
          Locusts are inferior to Creeps

        • Players will always draw aggro over hunter pets, so creep is superior to all ground pets due to higher dps, immunity to most attacks, and ability to ball up as air units.

        • Hunter's Acid Spray is inferior to vile spit in both damage and cooldown.

        • Hunter E abilities other than additional spawns need buffs due to additional spawns' synergy with vile spit.

        • Same goes for the other R abilities.

        • Frenzy doesn't work

        • Templar buff relics lack tooltip info, and templar relic spawns lack aggro range.

        • I don't care about the medic dude.

Most of the upgrades that aren't stats are really buggy, often don't work, or do weird things.
  • It would be nice to see total regeneration, so we know how much specing in regen helps.

  • I can't really tell if medical supplies works.

  • Juggernaught doesn't work (no attack speed or movement speed)

  • Revenge does some buggy things and sometimes causes the player to take damage when he attacks.

  • Reactors don't work.

  • Assassination bonus attack speed doesn't seem to stack with any other form of attack speed (and is overriden)

  • Light Auir seems to work (not 100% sure), but if you swap to it during a fight, it reverses healing done by Scythe (it damages you the same amount you heal every autoattack).

  • Brutality seems to only hit for a lot less than 2x damage when it crits; I think it only hits for +100% of the weapon's base damage (without other damage buffs like from equipment and other upgrades). On average, this is equivalent to +5% base attack damage, while all other attack damage, including Ascension attack damage, stacks multiplicatively. Also, even if Brutality was applied multiplicatively with attack damage, Ascension gives 5% skill damage as well making it a superior skill; I think Brutality needs some sort of buff to compensate.

  • There also seems to be some sort of attack speed cap (similar to cdr diminishing returns), and I haven't been able to go over 25% applied bonus attack speed; I think this should at least be mentioned.

  • I haven't tested Bandit, Relentless, resurrection, or concussion, but everything else seems to be working properly.

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Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz Empty Re: Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz

Post by Daleman on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:16 pm

At the moment Terratron and the new unlockable weapons is being focused on. I will have it updated sometime next week. Once this is completed the focus will shift to working on and balancing the game. Such as the stuff you have mentioned. Thanks for listing all of those. It will definately help.

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Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz Empty Re: Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz

Post by Mathio on Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:23 pm

Fenix is too fast. he attack and kill a team in 1 second. slow him.


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Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz Empty Re: Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz

Post by Pray on Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:29 pm

Mathio wrote:Fenix is too fast. he attack and kill a team in 1 second. slow him.

Fenix is seems to be designed such that you need a tank to keep him busy; you shouldn't have any problems at if you get 2 tanks and swap off his aggro.

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Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz Empty Re: Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz

Post by Kriegwaffe on Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:16 pm

@Pray: I second a lot (if not all) of the skill/stat related bug reports; however, most of the boss related points are valid only for big groups of players, whereas personally i've never been able to group more than three players in the same session (and it often took a lot of waiting in the lobby just to do that).
I mean, while the Leviathan and the Warhound are just big sitting ducks, i actually found bosses like Thor, Kerrigan and the Queen to be quite challenging the first times i fought them (and Dehaka still completely pwns me if i'm not quick to react). Then again, i usually play alone so it's a completely different experience.


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Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz Empty Re: Bottom-up feedback on bosses and skillz

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