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Feedback...awesomeness: Over 9000!

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Feedback...awesomeness: Over 9000! Empty Feedback...awesomeness: Over 9000!

Post by CodeBlack on Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:48 am

Hey Mate...
At first..this is an awesome map and im playing it alot...at the moment i got the following to say:

-I would like to see the standard weapons to be more different in stats and Handling...I pretty much like the rocket launcher etc but the standard weapons such as shotguns or rifles are too similar to each other.
-On tier 2 phantom i died several times, because my character didnt stop attacking and i stood on the edge of a square when the boss got out of my range...this makes it more   difficult, but it can get very frustrating when you die 5 times in a row without doing sth wrong -.-
-What is this "armory under attack" meant to be? at the moment its just getting on my nerves...maybe make a little minigame out of it, you have to win to dont get a debuff or sth like that.
-a button to de equip your armor would be nice ;)aaaand...how about a special equipment slot, where you can put things like a jetpack or sth like that in the Lategame

Keep up the good work! Im lookin forward to the next version


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