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Overall Feedback on Boss Battles.

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Overall Feedback on Boss Battles. Empty Overall Feedback on Boss Battles.

Post by NicKeL.906 on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:17 am

Hello, I'm NicKeL and I found your game the other day and I really like the idea of this game and I'd love to help you through the testing process. I am aware that the game is still in testing and this is not anywhere near a full version and while some of the feedback may seem critical I kept this fact in mind.

So without further ado, lets begin!

The lack of diversity with the characters is a bit concerning, I feel with you separating the characters in Tactical, Spec Ops, Shadow Ops ect. each category should share a certain feature. (Whether it be Tactical have more health/attack speed, Spec Ops have longer range, Shadow Ops have + damage to spells or something like this). Currently it seems a little random as to who gets what. (With both spells and buffs)
Also there is no way of telling who has what buffs without looking at each individual character, I have referred to Raiyaz's post to see his input and I'm not sure where he even got some of his stats because there doesn't seem to be a place where these stats are apparent.

Raynor - Has no apparent buffs to me, has same base health as War Pig. His Inane spell does 30 damage every 20 seconds (Assuming AoE) potentially doing 90 Damage per Minute (DPM)
Findlay - Has no apparent buffs to me. His inane spell does 35 damage every 25 seconds (Assuming AoE) potentially doing 70 DPM.
War Pig - Has a 1 armor buff. Not entirely sure how helpful +1 to armor is but it is what it is. Inane spell does 56 damage every 20 seconds (Dealing AoE) at the minimum of dealing 168 DPM.
Nova - Has +1 to range. I feel this is a very appropriate buff for a sniper/Special Ops class. But she should have a downfall such as lower health to counter the fact she has increased range. Her inane spell does 50 damage every 10 seconds dealing 300 DPM. Very strong, but doesn't quite feel right for the class.
Ghost - Has a +.22 speed buff. Is speed nice, yes. Does .22 help that much? Eh. I do feel the buff is appropriate for the Special Ops class though. Inane spell does 45 damage every 30 seconds (Dealing AoE) dealing at the minimum 90 DPM.
Tosh - Has a +3 damage buff to light units.  Decent buff, feel it fits a role of a "Shadow Op." Inane spell does 65 damage every 30 seconds dealing 130 DPM.
Spectre - Has a +.11 attack speed buff. Decent buff, again feel it can fit a Shadow Op role. Inane spell does 46 damage every 30 seconds (Dealing AoE) for a minimum of 92 DPM.
Tauren - Has no apparent buff. Inane spell does an unknown amount of damage in a small are around the Tauren every 20 seconds. Depending on the damage and the size of the AoE, cool ability.

Overall opinion: Buffs should follow some sort of theme between the classes to help define roles, inane spells should also follow a small theme I feel within classes and follow more of a High Risk = High Reward, Low Risk = Lower Reward. Such as with Raynor/Findley/Spectre dealing more damage with thier abilites because they are harder to land and War Pig/Ghost/Tosh have lower damage because they are a for sure hit every time. Nova/Tauren are in their own categories with theirs because their abilities higher risk than War Pig/Ghost/Tosh but still less risk than Raynor/Findley/Spectre.

Boss Battles:
Each boss was done really well and its amazing that every boss has their own unique feel to them. But with the extreme mode I feel like nothing was really changed other than more health/harder hits. I'd like something a little more from the hardest mode.

Battlecruiser Boss:
Nothing too negitive to say about this fight. Very fun, pretty challenging. A very good intro boss to the game. It shows you what the game will be like and doesn't punish you too bad if you make mistakes (other than the spinning part). And I saw in Raiyaz's post that he was unable to use Nova's ability "Energy Slash" on the BC. No ability should be excluded from being used on bosses/units in my opinion, unless you plan on making more abilities unable to attack air. Just seems unfair to that particular class because then that character is missing out on so much potential DPS.
Extreme Mode: In addition to more health/harder hits from units I'd like to see new phases, or additions to new phases. Like when the BC is spinning throw in viking strikes, or have marines dropping in, or even have the BC still popping off random shots while spinning.
Lurker Boss:
Fun boss, more punishing for mistakes, but I almost feel he is easier than the BC boss. He is easier in the since that he doesn't have NEARLY as many things to dodge as the BC boss while he is firing off his random missiles. Nothing I would change about this boss though other than maybe when the spine pops up, make more of them appear. It's too easy when the Lurker is only targeting one person at a time. Have it like 5 players = 3 spines 4/3/2/1 players = 1 spine.
Extreme Mode: Maybe add it so the Lurker targets EVERYONE with the spines so everyone has to dodge one, and more spawns from Lings/Mutas. Even with the current spawn of lings they are really easy to dispatch of, mutas I wouldn't add more than 1 additional spawn. (If at all)
Infestor Boss:
One of my favorite bosses. Love all the phases. Nothing wrong with anything here really.
Extreme Mode: Only thing I could think of is create a stronger penalty for walking in the green gas such as the screen getting blocked off such as Raiyaz  suggested and maybe even having the infestor taking control of the players during a certain phase. (I mean he is an infestor after all).
Archon Boss
This guy was a BEAST. Easily the hardest encounter in T1. I understand the trick to this boss is constantly be moving because all projectiles can be dodged. But not everyone understands that or can move that well. One small thing I suggest to make the encounter a little easier while keeping the difficulty high would be spawn in the High Templars in the same spot every time and at slightly different times when the archon splits so players can at least have some idea where they will need to dodge and where they will need to dodge instead of just running around hoping they don't get hit.
Extreme Mode: This fight is already hard, so there wouldn't be too much I'd like to add except maybe during the phases where the Archon is just shooting projectiles I'd like to see maybe more Zealots or spawn 1 High templar that will create fake Zealots in addition. This "roaming" phase is really easy compared to the split phase, especially if you just kill the adds as they spawn in the roaming phase.
Hybrid Boss
While a difficult boss I feel he was much easier than the Archon. I like his intellect (or it seems he is kind of smart) such as when his balls are rotating he will walk towards the players to try to hit them with it. Also what seems to make this fight easy is the portals he summons, it takes too long for something to come out of them, the portals can almost be ignored for most of the fight. Then when he goes into the Realm of Terror I want something else to happen, I'm not sure what but this something extra could be reserved for extreme mode.
Extreme Mode: Make the portals spawn increasingly stronger units the longer the portal sits. Like have them start off with 1 Melee unit, progress to 1 Ranged, then 2 stronger range, and maybe ending with an enraged version of the Melee and Ranged unit or something like that. Then for the Shadow Realm if it would be possible to displace all the players while creating the mirror image of all the players and lowering vision of the players to make it feel more like a "Shadow Realm" where the players feel alone.

Overall Opinion: These bosses are simply amazing. Very well execution on creating them all. The dullest fight out of them may be the Lurker, but that's only because if you know how to move you will be perfectly fine. (I understand this boss will still pose challenges for other players and I'm not requesting any drastic changes). I really am impressed with everything about the bosses. I do just wish Extreme mode changed the boss encounters a little bit for not only more of a challenge but require a different approach to conquer the boss.


Plasma Cannon - 50 Damage, 30 second CD. (100 DPM) Obvious pick over the rest mostly because guaranteed to deal the most damage.
D8 Charges - 7 Charges, 6 Damage per charge, 20 second CD. (Minimum potential of 126 DPM) Great ability, again going back to High Risk = High Reward. Due to the large delay time on explosion I'd like to see a little more damage. (And if Raiyaz is correct on friendly damage this should be removed. I don't feel you should be able to kill your allies, that is just begging for trolls to ruin the game for everyone. Especially without a ban feature or something similar).
Plasma Round - 45 damage, 30 second CD. (90 DPM). Why pick this ability over Plasma Cannon? Same CD, Less damage.
Castanar Shock - 40 damage, 30 second CD. (80 DPM). Not quite sure if this ability heals you for 40 health while dealing 40 damage, if this is indeed the case good ability, if not, damage is WAY to low to even consider even using this.

Overall Opinion on Tactical: Create more of a difference between Plasma Cannon/Plasma Round, maybe make one +damage to light units and the other +damage to something else. Currently those two are too similar.

Ghost Ops:
Energy Slash -  50 damage, 10 second CD (300 DPM) Perfect example of high risk = high reward. This ability is does the most DPS out of all the abilities but easily has the highest risk by being right next to the bosses. But I don't feel it is the best choice to put in the Ghost Ops characters/class.
Snipe - 45 damage, 16 second CD (~135 DPM). Decent ability, good amount of damage, good range only downside is the charge up time.
Explosive Round - 35 damage, 30 second CD (Minimum potential of 70 DPM). The range on this spell mixed with the AoE radius makes this ability seem extremely strong while having high damage potential. I have not really messed with the Ghost classes but I agree with Raiyaz, this seems OP with its range/radius.
Void Prison - 12 second lockdown, 26 second CD. Excellent spell for bosses with heavy/strong adds. I agree with Raiyaz though that the Lockdown seems long and the CD is just a strange number to me (why 26?). I feel it would be better to have something like 5s Lockdown/15 second CD. or 10s/30s. (Also what the point of "Prevent its ability to detect, you plan on adding reliable stealth?).

• Overall Opinion of Ghost Ops: Great selection, Energy Slash seems slightly out of place and the range + AoE radius on Explosive round makes it too much I think. Im certain the range is at least double what other AoE abilities are AND the radius seems like the biggest as well. I think the range should be tweaked to a normal range or the damage/AoE needs to be reduced.

Shadow Ops:
Psionic Lash - 65 damage, 30 second CD (130 DPM) Strong ability. Has a small charge time. Nothing more to say here.
Irradiate - 64 damage over 16 seconds, 30 second CD (Minimum potential DPM 128) Decent ability but so far in T1 this ability would never be effective. The adds are never close enough together for the AoE to hit, best just go with Psionic Lash. (Also accidentally putting it on allies SUCKS).
Plasma Laser - 45 damage, 16 second CD (135 DPM) Strange CD, time, strong ability though. Nothing more to say.
Ultrasonic Pulse - Unknown damage, 25 second CD, ~2-3 second AoE stun. Solid ability, would like to know the exact amount of damage dealt and stun duration in tooltip.

Overall Opinion on Shadow Ops: So far shadow ops seem the most balanced and make the most sense for the most part. GJ.

Getting tired, going to finish the last two parts at a later date. (I have some serious number crunch and issues I wanna talk about with the guns/upgrades that will take a while to discuss) Any questions or comments on what I've posted thus far please feel free to comment, suggest, and anything else.


Leveling and Upgrades:

Sincerely, NicKeL


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Overall Feedback on Boss Battles. Empty Re: Overall Feedback on Boss Battles.

Post by Daleman on Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:05 am

Thanks for this long post. I intend to read every part and take note.

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