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Bug's I've noticed.

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Bug's I've noticed. Empty Bug's I've noticed.

Post by mjk6994 on Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:02 pm

"They Just Keep Reviving Me" Achievement. Currently isn't being awarded upon 20 revives.

Assassination Level 13 Talent not increasing Attack Speed

Zurvan, there is an Area to the top right where you are unhittable, if two people blink there, they can keep riving each other when they get the debuff and cheese the raid boss.

Zurvan Tenticle Slam indicators incorrect, the range is a bit further than it indicates.

If someone starts a fight and you click accept and start another, the game will bug and you will be forced to quit.

Phantom of the Void starting with +2k hp

Unable to use abilities in Armory when it's under attack. (Not sure if intended or not)

Juggernaut or Bloodlust not working (Level 7 talents.) When you get kills with Hunter Pets.

If you win an item while your invetory is full it'll be forever gone.


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