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Notable Bugs

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Notable Bugs Empty Notable Bugs

Post by ScorpionTail on Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:43 pm

- When fighting the Hybrid Maar, he is displayed as having more health than he actually does, so whoever shoots him first when the battle begins gets the EXP for dealing 2k+ damage to him.

- When Kerrigan uses her dash ability onto an empty space on Maar's stage, she will live as long as she remains stationary

- I once witnessed an odd camera angle that prevented me from moving my hero when moving in/out of the armory, however it has not reoccurred and I cannot tie any specific circumstance to it.

- I fought the zombie mission with my music disabled, and when I later turned it back on while on the hyperion, the trumpet music that plays at the start of the zombie mission played immediately

- On Zurvan's stage you can blink off of the arena onto nearby pieces of ground, such as where the roaches are displayed bottom right

- Zurvan's tentacles damage extends slightly further forward than the indicator shows

- When you have the passive to stun minions with your weapons, it stuns them based on when they are targeted rather than when they take damage, which looks awkward for weapons such as the Stinger Missile Launcher

- The Hybrid Maar's model clickbox is large enough in his final phase to cause fatalities if accidentally clicked

- I see no difference in weapon speed when the weapon speed passive in the skill tree is selected

- The Ultralisk phase of Kerrigan's fight can be stunned, rendering it harmless

- General Duke's drakken laser beam attack does not extend over the length of the entire stage, and can be dodged if you simply stand near the stage's edge, or in some spots you can simply run under it.

- Occasionally the Zurvan raid stage will start with the Hyperion above the stage and multiple drop pod models around it

- If Kerrigan performs a dash right when all players accept a fight, she will be stuck in the dash model during the cutscene of the Hyperion approaching the planet

- For units that fire quickly, their model may get stuck repeating their attack animation even after they cease attacking, causing them to slide awkwardly around as they move

- For the Hunter, if you have selected the acid spit ability (stukov's corrosive missile model), and you have duplicated the pet, the duplicates will perform the other damage ability (roach's vile acid model)

- Finally, look into any issues concerning boss's hp refreshing correctly when players leave a game to avoid unconditional EXP gain, though I have no specific incidences of this to note

Thanks for reading!


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Notable Bugs Empty Re: Notable Bugs

Post by Daleman on Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:30 pm

A few of these bugs have been fixed in the most updated version of the map which is under the title "Secret Map" This is due to not being able to modify any submitted maps in Blizzards contest so another map was made.

I'll start working on fixes asap. Thanks for this list.

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