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     bugs! Empty bugs!

Post by Krelllian on Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:01 am

1.Tauren and Kerrigan heros lvling with out me playing them. They get lvl 5 by ureselfs and now they are lvl 7. They have all the skills for there lvl but dont have upg points.
     bugs! 41742cb73491d52ff776b8fe3706417e

     bugs! 2aabab14c7bed48fdc5916160ce17d24

2.Had 2 times white  screen  of death in in this game, last time he appeared after 1 player was laging. This screen appearing for all players and u cant do anything to get rid from it.

     bugs! 61f5c75bdd4a6709d4c0154d7ac548f2
3. Looks like there is an option to team kill on the battleship with Tauren and Kerrigan or iven with any of the heros.Was watching this in one game.

P.s.Like ure game and hope you will keep up upgrading it.


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     bugs! Empty Re: bugs!

Post by Daleman on Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:08 am

1) I think this problem has been fixed in the version that is soon to be released.

2) The white screen of death is a Blizzard related bug that should never apear. An periodic ingame trigger will prevent this from happening again.

3) The team attack/kill option was ingame so players can try new abilities on teamates so you could figure out what they do before starting a boss fight. This however will get fixed in the version of the map im working on right now later today.

This version isn't ready and has 1 new boss on it. This map is titled "Secret Map" on B.net at the moment. If you are interested feel free to play this version.

Thanks for your information.

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