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many bugs!!

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many bugs!! Empty many bugs!!

Post by qwerty on Tue Jul 08, 2014 3:48 pm

bugs i have found
on some occasions a battlecruiser model shows on zurvan
can blink out of map on zurvan fight only poison and tentacles can kill you
on zurvan if your in kerrigans psi rush and get impaled while its happening you become invulnerable for the fight
models of dead bosses shown on other maps ex dead silvans on zurvan fight dead yagdras on yagdras fight
boss on zombie outbreak can be stunned
can kill stukov on stukovs flight
on zurvan if you get impaled you can just switch weapons and attack
also on a side note is there even a point to have acid spit on the hunter because vile spit is better in every way
EDIT:if your cooldown rate is to high on hunter and you use additional spawns before the previous one runs out they additional spawns wont be renewed and will go away pretty much right after you overlap it
and i think thats it ill post again if i find any more


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