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Boss Idea.

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Boss Idea. Empty Boss Idea.

Post by comfromal on Wed May 21, 2014 8:39 pm

A drone that starts off frozen... then is unfrozen.. and gains the powers of the ice itself. 

It should be rather interesting, and change up the battlefield when it loses enough health, and gain a new attack too.

We can even make it a community boss.

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Boss Idea. Empty Re: Boss Idea.

Post by Daleman on Tue May 27, 2014 12:15 pm

Thats a tough one, once I finish up with the raid and 4th mission I'll check into this and see what I can do.

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Boss Idea. Empty Boss Idea

Post by lucario on Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:34 am

Hi dale
this is buizel .You know that my English not that good but this is my idea, you might change thing or fix something with my idea
2. Terra-tron
First part aboutlity 4/4 life untill 3/4 life
1.) When player come closer attack like your yagdra attack .2.)the big Laser from his hand (look like battle cruiser) and a big gun from his head like fortress. 3.) A missile from his leg while ghost come out from his body. 4.) the fire gun out from his left hand and burn the player like Zurvan shock wave but take little more damge and burn.

3/4 untill 2/4 life
1he deploy auto-turret and drop siege tank at top then transform ( as same as when you protext base normal game)and delopy supply depot to protext it ( player must attack supply depot for kil it)
2/4 untill 1/4 life
He mad!.HE fly with fire under his feet , player must run away from it to stay arrive he still attack player .His weapon at his hand come out like a boomerang when he come back to stand the mule come deploy down .2 terran unit delopy at right side and zerg unit deploy at left side then they attack togehter (right and left side were foe)
1/4 untill 0/4 life
His is overrun ,he lunch the nuke the nuke will drop down to apart ( imagin ,have 4 block one top left ,one top right, one down right and one down left) the nuke will drop down (terran tron have got a shield ) untill his shield zero (0/0)player can attack him ,and player defeat it end.
* terran tron also use as same as first ability
* the nuke is fine because .... look at picture

and this is overmind
life 5/5 untill 4/5
He got a very good armor and Hp very high ( because he can't move )
Ability^ 1.He can control 1 of our player to attack each other for a sec (accept life 1/5 untill 0/5) ^
^ 2 he have got spike like Zurvan ^
^ 3he is in the Cold Arena so ... When the icy wind come player won't eable to move but there are small bunker that play can go to hide ,the player can still use his weapon to attack ) . while the icy wind come the banaling will come to attack player ^
*while the wind come overmind can't use his ability.
4.the drone come out from the overmind and try to build spine crawler ( 4 is fine but would get more Hp than normal )
5. he put fireball out his body then it down to attack player.
^6.he can attack play as same as spine crawler ^
4/5 untill 3/5
Ability 1. Banaling has been change to jumping baneling while the wind come
2.nydus worm come out from ground and zergling come out from it and roach too
3.Have the thing come form under ground ( look like form 3 kerrigan
^ 4. the big monkey creater ( in campaign forget it name :P) jumb into battle ^
3/5 untill 2/5
Ability 1. Baneling has been change to splitter strain Baneling while the wind come
^ 2. spike will spit out ( like silvan) ^
2/5 untill 1/5
Ability 1 the light ball flow in the middle ( flow same as circle) it deal damge to the player who near it player can damage to that light ball
2.If the light ball too much , the light ball will come together and boom player ( use ability as same as artifact) then player take damage and get fire ( it take many damage)
1/5 untill 0/5
Ability 1. many zergling and roach and baneling come out from overmind come out from overmind, player must kill overmind b4 player can't push the zerg violent anymore

Ability that overmind use first time use that ability untill 0/5 life is color green or have ^______^ between it

and the colossus too that the new post ( I click false ,I clicked new post)
Narud still thinking

hope it help you little to much although it look not that work


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Boss Idea. Empty Re: Boss Idea.

Post by Daleman on Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:21 pm

I think those 2 bosses are in the category of raid bosses. They will need a large arena due to their sizes. I will start working on these boss abilties on the side and I'll show you whatever I come up with on one of the test maps.

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Boss Idea. Empty Re: Boss Idea.

Post by unusual on Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:09 pm

These ideas really are interesting, were they dropped or are they still inprogress?


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Boss Idea. Empty Re: Boss Idea.

Post by Sponsored content

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