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Boss battle idea: Shadow Guard Quad

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Boss battle idea: Shadow Guard Quad Empty Boss battle idea: Shadow Guard Quad

Post by comfromal on Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:49 pm

what this would be is a fight between four of vorazun's shadow guards in co-op, each having 150 life and shields(Which all makes up to be 1200 total life.) You would have to deal with effectively other 15 level vorazun shenanigans alongside that. The shadow guards themselves are revealed every so often. Their abilities are:

Shadow Fury: one may stop all of a sudden and a small warning indicator appears. Every so often, that shadow guard will blink to the center and strike all around it. this is repeated for five times in total.

Blink: A warning indicator will appear in front of a person. After a little bit of time, a shadow guard will teleport there.

Void Stasis: Temporarily stuns a hero for a little bit. While they are stunned, they can't be damaged, however.

Disruption Web: The shadow guard may cast disruption webs where those within can't attack or cast spells. This includes themselves and their allies.

If the battle drags out long enough, then they'll target a piece of the arena. They will use shadow fury on it before revealing a vespene fissure that will be extracted. Any heroes foolish enough to fall into it will also be extracted and subsequently be killed.

The shadow guard won't be alone. Dark pylons will appear, with cloak that prevents detection. They will have warriors warping in, and more advanced warriors may be recalled to their position if they live long enough. There also is the possibility of the use of black holes when one is gone, additional shadow guard for some time when two are gone, and, when there is only one original one left, the use of a time stop for permanent slowing of your heroes.

There is also the passives that vorazun has at max level, with the death recall instead recalling any dead units to the nearest dark pylon fully restored with a temporary barrier that blocks damage. This also goes for the shadow guard.

Your main concerns would be the dark templar(Since, if taken long enough, they can be like mini shadow guards), the shadow guards and their temporary but revealed cousins, the dark archon(Which can confuse players, causing them to attack each other, and if they live longer than you really should, they have a fairly easy to dodge mind control spell that, when hitting a hero, controls it and turns it against his former friends. kill then revive to get him back to normal.), centurions(Darkcoil will cause isssues with you being slowed, and effectively stunned if paired with time stop), and the oracle(Or the stasis wards. The stasis wards will later on allow you to be hit while in stasis.).

Corsairs are the least of your worries(Disruption web affects all, and they need to get down to your level to shoot, meaning that they can also be affected by disruption web, although they could be more troublesome if they get cloak), and stalkers(Which can regenerate shields with every blink) alongside void rays(they can deal long range damage so long as you don't evade it) are less of a worry compared to the others.

Anyways, does this seem too tough, too easy, etc, etc.. Leave feedback down below.

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