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Boss Suggestions

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Boss Suggestions Empty Boss Suggestions

Post by Frostfire-965 on Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:51 pm

I got ideas for a few bosses. The first and the one that is most refined is for a Banshee Boss.
Looks : It would be a Night Wolf (Mengsk's Elite Guard Banshee). You know how when Banshees go cloaked their visor starts pulsating this teal-blue color along the lines? Well I think it would be badass if the Banshee had those lines on the Banshee Aircraft itself. They'd have to look natural though, like come up from the cockpit and curve out onto the wings, go back and make a look around the turbines or something. It would also need either 1 or 2 of Tychus' Chainguns on each of its wings. HOWEVER, it would not be a Mengsk Banshee in the description. You could put something like "An advanced Prototype Banshee combining the rapid firing chainguns standard on Kel-Morian Banshees with the High Explosive Missiles of a Dominion Banshee"

Relative Difficulty : Extreme-Suggested for a Tier-Finale Boss due to it's abilitis. Plus there hasn't been a Terran Tier-Finale boss yet. Protoss and Zerg/Protoss Hybrids have.
Suggested Arena : Archangel.

Adds : Ravens that drop Flaming Betties and Autoturrets.

 Target Acquired : Like the Odin's 330mm barrage that follows a player, only with missiles. It moves slightly faster than the Odin's 330mm barrage and deals more damage but is slightly more concentrated.

 Arm Screecher Missiles : The Banshee switches to Screecher Missiles, and creates 2/3/4 straight lines across the arena, firing a line of missiles along the path of each line. Only 1 line would appear at a time.

 Backlash : Fires a cluster of backlash missiles at a players location. The player has 4/3/2 seconds to move or suffer the consequences.

 Phase 2 : The Banshee lowers it altitude and flies off the platform of the arena. The banshee then arms it's Chainguns and does a full revolution around the Arena (Chaingun ability would be Archangels ability only much, much faster in between blasts. The Banshee lets out a line of bullets ever 5/4/3 seconds. The Banshee completes the revolution in around 40 seconds. During this time the Banshee is invulnerable.

 Death from Above : The Banshee moves to the edge of the arena and targets a straight line across the arena. It fires a line of missiles at that line. The line slowly splits in two to form a V across the arena. All the while the Banshee bombards the everything in between the lines with missiles. It goes from a Line to a V in 7/6/5 seconds. Phase 2 and 3 ability.

 Phase 3 : The Banshee cloaks, COMPLETELY removing the players visibility of target reticles of any abilities it uses for 20/30/40 seconds. During this time Science vessels come towards the Banshee to repair it 2/2/3 at a time.

 Science Vessels : Once in range of the banshee the Science Vessels repair 15/20/25 health a second. The Science Vessels run out of energy after 10/15/15 seconds.

 Cloaking : The Banshee cloaks for 5/5/10 seconds, making it invulnerable. Can only use Phase 1 abilities while cloaked.

 Strafing Run : The Banshee flies to a random edge of the map and creates a V shaped reticle on the map directly in front of itself. The Banshee begins firing it's chainguns in that area, and flies towards the other edge of the map. As it flies the V becomes smaller, but the damage rises. Phase 3 ability.

 Your probably going to die!!! : Extreme difficulty ability, phase 3 only. Uses when at 15% health. The Banshee fires heat seeking missiles that lock onto each of the players, once the missiles are close enough to a player they split into a line of incendiary Screecher missiles, which deal both immediate damage and set the area they hit on fire. And players that are hit by the missiles or run through the fire are set on fire. You don't want to catch on fire.

 I'm out of names for abilities ability : Whether or not you guys give it this ability is up to you. If you give the Banshee all the other abilities and phases you definitely will not need to give it this one. The Banshee targets all players with a large AoE missile barrage. 4/4/3 Seconds inbetween barrages.

 Maybe too OP but I want you guys to get the gist of it.

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Boss Suggestions Empty Re: Boss Suggestions

Post by Frostfire-965 on Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:59 pm

Siege Tank : It's a siege tank. It sets up, targets a few places and blows the hell out of them. But really. Its a siege tank. Not going to be too complicated. Just going to be totally insane at blowing you up, like normal siege tanks.

Immortal : Very beefy boss. Shoots players like Queen does. Half of its health is in shields which regenerate at 2/3/5 points a second.

Colossi : Its a friggin' Colossi man. Figure it out. But seriously... Colossi boss. Add. Terran get Odin, Battlecruiser, Archangel. Everyone gets big stuff except Protoss. As of right now they got Mothership which may be considered vehicular.


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