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Exp farming list.

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Exp farming list. Empty Exp farming list.

Post by mjk6994 on Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:22 am

These are all the EXP rates I have gotten for Solo on Extreme:

-Note- I am not the best at math I rounded these all up or down so take that as you will.
-Note- This is WITHOUT the +5% exp buff. I'm using reaper instead to kill them faster. I will go back to the bosses with the highest exp per minute and test EXP buff vs Reaper.


Battlecruiser: 1122 EXP 29 seconds. = 2244 exp per minute.
Lurker: 1150 37 seconds.
Infestor: 1175 42 seconds.
Archon: 1113 43 seconds.
Shadow Lord: 1579 39 Seconds = 2368 exp per minute.

So for tier one, Shadow Lord is just a little better depending on how good your DPS is.


Odin: 1272 27 seconds = 2544 exp per minute.
Levi = 1231 22 seconds = 3693 exp per minute.
Kerrigan= 1388 41 seconds = 2082 exp per minute.
Queen = 1243 22 seconds = 3729 exp per minute.
Phantom of the Void = 1978 45 seconds = 2637 exp per minute.

It looks like Levi, and Queen are equally close. I'd do which ever is more comfortable with you.


Yagdra: 1419 57 seconds.
Arch Angel = 1525 90 seconds.
Templars = ????
Silvan = 1738 62 seconds.
Artanis = 1702 55 seconds.

So TIER 3 isn't worth it. I didn't bother doing templars because it's a very difficult fight to solo with hunter.

So, without a doubt, it's between Queen and Leviathan. Enjoy!


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Exp farming list. Empty Re: Exp farming list.

Post by unusual on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:12 am

You only consider the fight time, you do not consider the walk to the control pannel, or the animation that brings you to the boss, which will completly change you exp per minute.

Other then these few details, I think you did good and you got some very interesting results. I am looking forward for the results with the 5% exp boost.


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