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Game not loading

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Game not loading Empty Game not loading

Post by Vindication.730 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:43 am

hey guys, so alot of hype going around this arcade and i really want to try it out. how ever every time i enter a game, it loads abour 50% of the way then just stops loading and after 5 mins it takes me to end of game screen and tells me it couldnt load in. Now this is the ONLY arcade map it does this with, and im wondering if anyone has a fix for it. feel free to add me in game, my user and code is my username for this post.



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Game not loading Empty Re: Game not loading

Post by Cherry797 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:19 pm

Disconnecting during the loading screen happens when you temporarily lose your internet connection during the load up. It causes you to desync from your game. It only happens in multiplayer lobbies and it can happen to any game. However, it's much more likely to happen to larger games with longer loading times (more time to desync).

Once the game data has been preloaded, future load ups for the game are much quicker (until the SC2 client is closed). Unfortunately, this means your best bet would be to preload the game (go through a single player load up) and then play with people who've already loaded the game. However, you can try loading it yourself single player and then joining a lobby with anyone, regardless of whether they've loaded the game prior or not.

We'll see how we can reduce the loading time when we're allowed to update the game (Blizzard won't let us while we're in the contest).


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