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Modification proposition for the missions

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Modification proposition for the missions Empty Modification proposition for the missions

Post by unusual on Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:25 pm

1- Pirate invasion
If you hide in a corner (preferable top ones), you will barely get attacked. Most enemies will just fly arround and eventualy leave. You should make them track player when they reached the platform, this way you cant hide.

2- Zombie outbreak
I think it would make for a more interesting boss fight (the boss at the end of the outbreak) if there was still zombies spawning. If you don't want people to avoid boss and farm on the zombies forever, make the zombies give 0 exp once the boss spawned.

3- Stukov's flight
I believe stukov should be walking arround, this would prevent people from just making a thigh circle arround him, making him impossible to hit. Also, the mission would be more interesting.

4- All of them
Increase difficulty, all mission are pretty easy, even on extreme with a level 1 caracter and no gear. Basicly, the mission on extreme, should become the mission on normal. Hard and extreme should, obviously, be harder than the current extreme.


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