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Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post

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Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post Empty Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post

Post by Raiyaz on Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:55 am

First of all, I just want to say, congratulations.  Thank you for this WIP.
It was glorious to play.  I will definitely be sticking around, on the forums, and, in game.

Boss Battles:

  • I feel like the difficulty of the bosses in tier one isn't equivalent in the same level.  As in, the BC Boss is much easier than the Archon Boss, even when both played on solo extreme.  How this could be improved, I don't really know.
  • I do not know if the health drops are the same through out all the tier one bosses, but I think they could be worked on a little.  

~BC Boss

  • The BC fight is great.  I love dodging all the red.  Simply fantastic.  You really outdid yourself here.
  • When the boss goes to the ground and rotates, I'd like to use ground based attacks on it.  The animation shows that it is on the ground, so I just instinctively feel like my energy slash should would on it.
  • I want to dodge more vikings on extreme!  It would make the battle harder, and more fun, I think.  In particular, when the battlecruiser is spinning, I feel like vikings should be doing their bombing runs then too.

~Lurker Boss

  • This boss is perfect.  I love all the spells the boss has.  The charging at us.  The little spine he sends our way. 
  • In addition I think the adds are at just the right amount of this boss.
  • Even though I think this is my least favorite boss, great job on this boss.  It's a great boss for brand new players learning what everything is.

~Infestor Boss

  • Another great boss fight.  The screen gets cluttered, and I love that.  
  • My only issue with this boss is that there is NO penalty into running into the green gas he makes when he shoots his thing forward.  I would love to have half my screen blocked off in extreme mode, while dodging the fungal turds that come from above.
  • This is a fun boss to fight.

~Archon Boss

  • My first boss fight was against this guy, on extreme difficulty, with 5 people.  SO MANY BADDIES.  But I was ok with that.  After the second try, I was good enough to just not get hit, but the issue was that people never attacked the baddies.  Heh.  Nothing you can do about that, but I just wanted to share.
  • This fight is fun solo. Not gonna lie.  Fighting this fight with 5 people is intense.  There's too many baddies.  
  • I wish that when the boss put himself back together, if a hero was standing in the middle, he'd get hurt.  But that doesn't happen.
  • I love the fact that this boss doesn't aim perfectly with his ball attack.  Makes dodging easier.  It feels just right.
  • Great job on this boss.  The animations look flawless, certainly much better than I could do, especially when splitting and being put back together.

~Hybrid Boss
(Notice, I haven't yet played this boss in group play.  Please react accordingly)

  • I LOVE this boss.  I love the balls he shoots. I love that they rotate.  I love that you can get between the balls and the boss and not take damage from them.
  • When he takes you to his realm of terror, I feel that the add should go away when the boss comes back, or that the boss should come back when the add dies.
  • When the boss comes back, he will sometimes shoot out a ball while dropping.  Super hard to see, and harder still to dodge.  I do not like this.
  • I love when the boss shoots all of his remaining balls forward at you.  I don't like it when he shoots all six and there's no way to dodge through the shot.  I would like him to shoot when there's only 5 or less balls.
  • Still great job on this boss too.


  • My biggest issue is that the first time you play this game, you have no idea that you can't yet pick a Medical, Psionic, Armored hero. 
  • A second issue, you can't see the differences between the heroes as you are picking them.
  • Raynor has 20 extra health.  The issue I have with this is that I just don't think having this much extra health is helpful, at all.  His grenade is weaker than other heroes inane spells (at 30), but the projectile is a bit faster.  I think it balances off fine, however.
  • Findlay has a life regeneration buff, which is great for stim pack users like me.  His inane spell is nearly the same as Raynor's, but does 5 more damage, with 5 more seconds of cooldown.
  • War Pig gets an additional armor.  I still have my doubts about how good armor is.  However, I like to dodge, I do NOT tank, so maybe I'm just a bad match with him.  Void spheres deal 56 damage with 20 second cooldown.  I do not know if the spell does AOE, I do not believe it does.
  • Nova gets and additional range!  Un-fucking-fair.  In a game where shotguns have 6 range, and snipers have 7, one additional range is just too much, consider bumping it down to a half, please.  The Energon Charge is a good spell though/
  • Ghost is my favorite.  Having the speed buff is just nice.  I also feel like the Hunter Seeker Missile is a good spell. I wish the cooldown was a little less, but that's more wishful thinking than anything else.
  • Tosh deals extra damage to light units.  This means he's about clearing up the adds while your teammates hit the big guy.  Considering he's a Shadow Ops, this is fine, the spells go great with this.  His inane spell is great.  It's quick and has decent power, which helps his role significantly.
  • Spectre shoots faster, great for a stim user like me.  He also has a greanade much like Raynor's, but does 46 damage, and it looks about 15x cooler.



  • Plasma Cannon and Plasma Round have the same cooldown, and firing speed, but Plasma Round does 5 less damage.  This means everyone who looks at the spells would pick Plasma cannon!  So, in order to change the spells a little bit more, can we add a "charge up" period of say, 3/4ths of a second to Plasma Cannon, and perhaps make it do a little more damage?
    Also, it's called Plasma cannon on the menu, and Yamato cannon in the tool tips.  Plasma Round is called something else too.
  • The D8 charge is powerful.  It also does friendly fire.  Due to these two reasons, you may want to consider extending the cooldown on this spell a little.
  • Great job on the Castanar Shock.  No complaints at all.  It also looks nice.

~Ghost Ops

  • Energy Slash.  My absolute favorite spell in the game.  Very quick cooldown, and deal high damage.  The tradeoff?  You gotta be in close range.  This is fine.  Considering the bosses don't have a main attack (as in, one that is next to the wireframe, where you would see the upgrades of the boss), you can hammer them with this.  However this gives you little time to dodge.  Great job with this spell.  I love the instant damage, and slow animation too, really makes you have to think when you want to use it.
    Oh, and the tool-tip says "Nova". Sooo, uhm, can we fix that?
  • Snipe just doesn't do enough damage for me to use it... ever.  35 damage for a 25 second cooldown?  No, that's not for me.
  • Explosive round does NOT deal 30 damage, as it says in the tooltip.  If it did, I think the spell would be just right.  HOWEVER, it is OP.  On extreme you can use it to one shot void prisons, and kill all the Infestor's baddies at the same time.  A bit OP.  I'd reduce the radius of the spell, and fix the spell to do 30.
  • Void Prison is a great spell.  It's great to use on the viking in the BC Boss to be able to kill it.  Also good on the Aberration in the Infestor Boss.  12 seconds I think, is a bit long, and I also think the cooldown is a bit long.

~Shadow Ops

  • Psionic Lash needs to be powerful enough to one shot any baddies ion extreme mode.  That's my feeling.  I, however, am probably super biased.  Personally, something feels off about it for me, and as such, I haven't used it so much.
  • Irradiate is a damage over time spell that does AOE.  I haven't yet seen it used in a five-plauer game where there are a lot of baddies, so I can't tell you how effective it would be in that situation.  But since it's nice to have in solo testing, I'll assume it's even better in group play.  The high damage is offset by the long time it takes.  Honestly, this spell seems balance to me, at the very least, in solo play.
  • Plasma Laser looks so damn awesome.  It's like Tosh is throwing the ball into the enemy.  It's cooldown feels great for the amount of damage it does, and the range it has.  The only issue I have is that you there aren't any markers for the range of this spell.  Still, fantastic spell.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse is great for those packed games where you're all trying to do Archon on extreme difficulty.


  • Look, I'm tired, and I haven't yet used them all, so this section might be shortened a bit.
  • Shotguns have 6 range. Rifles have 6 range. Machine guns have 6 range.  What is this? I think they should be a bit different.
  • The shotguns could deal with a nerf to their range if they get splash damage, which I feel they should, since they are.... shotguns.
  • Just want to point out that the Stinger has longer range than the Sniper.  By 2....
  • I love the fact there are so many different weapons.  It's just great.
  • ...I want a pistol though :c  Can you make one, just for me?  Please??

Leveling and Upgrades:

  • I feel that leveling takes too quick as a whole, but too long from eight to nine.
  • Damage is great if you have an extra point to spend, so when you get higher up, you'll be pointing a point or two into damage into damage.  I wish I knew the percentage that it increased damage by though.
  • Health.  Increase your health by 5.  It's ok.  Lets you get away with not using as many medkits.
  • Speed.  Each point increases your speed by .1.  May be too much.  I'd consider bumping the upgrade down to .075.  (And I love speed!)  The issue is that you get crazy fast when you have stim and speed and the level one speed upgrade.
  • I have serious doubts that leveling armor is any good.  I could be very wrong though.
  • Life regeneration, leveling this up increases your life regeneration by some amount.  I have no idea how much.  But I do know that I love it.
  • The level one upgrades seem off. I can point 5 points into speed, and that equals teh speed bonus, but the health bonus only gives your 4 points worth of health, and the armor only gives you three points.  See what I mean?  Never used specialization.  I just figured speed would be better than it.
  • All level 3 upgrades are great.  I feel that the cooldown on blink is a tad bit too long though.  But all four of these upgrades i switch out on whim, which I think is good.
  • Level 5, what the hell does Undead Presence do??  These are nice armor upgrades, suited to what boss you'll be fighting.  Very well done.
  • Weapon upgrades at level 7.  Didn't really mess around with these too much.  Didn't experiment or anything like that.
  • LEVEL NINE: Not giving any feedback on them, do not want to spoil what they are for the other people


  • I love the dancing at the beginning, heh. 
  • The size of the "rooms" for the boss battles is just right.  Not too big, not too small.
  • In your game info, you have a picture of a boss that is a dragon! I wanna fight it! I bet it has something to do with Undead Presence....

Great job on this game.

If anyone wants to play with me, you may reach me at Raiyaz#960


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Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post Empty Re: Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post

Post by Raiyaz on Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:15 pm

I'm still around, just like I said I would be.

If you won't continue the map, will you at least give the rights of the map to someone else?


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Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post Empty Re: Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post

Post by Daleman on Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:08 am

Thanks for this amazing post. I'll analyze it all and try to implement as much as I can. I will add you on B.net next time I get on.

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Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post Empty Re: Detailed "What I liked and didn't like about this game" post

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