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Post by lucario on Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:30 am


How about the boss that have the weapon look like colossus  then attack around it circle and the circle grow bigger then stop.
2.) have the attack that look like roach that upgrade  in campaign (slowly unit) (or same as the ability that player use to slow unit)
3.)Have a forcefield  block player to attack him  while the many zealot  and little immo was build to attack player( he might dance while block) .
4.)  In the middle of game the ground fall down about 4 range for player can't use close attack ( about 4 range) .
5.) In the middle of game you might use the artifact ability to attack player who near him.
6.) Laser from the  sky attack them and fallow them for awhile
7.) When he have got 1/4 life  *he use the laser circle as same as first but the laser from the sky attack the player then stop for 30 sec then he use it again  while he use the laser circle ( like at "*") and and deploy a little unit (mini) immotal.
8.) while he attacking player the gate way might build and  it train dt and stalker ,player must destroy it b4  it over load(2 gateway left and right side)
Super ability big Laser  that attack he attack strage ( line)  deal mush damage


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