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Please undo the new visual changes

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Please undo the new visual changes

Post by YetiSwarm on Tue May 20, 2014 8:12 pm

Please undo the new visual changes. As many as possible. No this isn't just a resisting change to resist change post. There are valid reasons:

Now you get to see less digits of the weapon damage and attack speed so you get an incomplete picture of what you're using. It also doesn't tell you if your weapon is ground only (flamethrower) or not (pretty much everything else).

Also, now you can no longer select bosses to see what types they are (armored, massive, etc.). New players or old players that didn't memorize or keep a list of that can no longer select an appropriate weapon. What's the point of having weapons do +damage to armored if players have no idea which bosses are armored?

Also, the new intros to boss battles are pointless wastes of time. Zooming in on a planet? Ooh Ooh, show me more...oh wait, no thanks. I'd rather not have to wait 20 seconds before each boss battle for the purpose of zooming in on a planet.


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Re: Please undo the new visual changes

Post by comfromal on Tue May 20, 2014 10:31 pm

While I see that your right about the visual changes being ineffective, I think you have the wrong reasons.

Less digits don't really matter much for me, all they do is show the general idea of it.  Also, while it at first seems like a bit of a burden to check if a weapon can hit air or not, only 1/5th of the bosses are in the air all the time.

While the fact about selecting bosses is right, armor can prove to be a big role. the boss gains armor, which lessens the amount of damage you do.  Also, what about the minions the boss has?

Also, the only thing that waits 20 seconds on an intro is the collesium fight.  And the zooming in, or the hyperion going to the planet, only takes 7 seconds. the little camera rotation thing takes the rest of those seconds. I just find it a bit of a little flair.  Also, how is the hyperion able to send a hyperion to essentially drop you onto it's own hatch?

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Re: Please undo the new visual changes

Post by Cherry797 on Tue May 20, 2014 11:07 pm


I'm responsible for most of those visual changes. Unfortunately, a custom UI was essential because of the limitations of keeping the standard UI. For example, we didn't have enough room for the player selection (when you click on another player's hero, viewing their gear/stats), and also because we wanted a more intuitive system for new players (the new abilities buttons and listed upgrades in the menu button). I'll eventually get around to adding an optional UI mod via trinket that will reverse revert the UI change. For now, I'll work on improving the amount of information displayed in the weapon tooltip, and possibly make it so that non-hero units can be selected.

Sorry for your discontent, and thanks for your feedback.


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Re: Please undo the new visual changes

Post by Daleman on Wed May 21, 2014 12:19 pm

The game is on the fastest speed so it plays actions faster. For example the zooming in on a planet and approaching the planet takes 8 seconds ingame, but really only takes 6 seconds in real time. With the hyperion landing and dropping the players off, it will end up being around 8 seconds of real time total. An option to omit this scene will be added and possibly be turned into a skip button so it will go straight into the action.

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Re: Please undo the new visual changes

Post by Pray on Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:03 pm

I agree with yeti, especially with the weapon rounding and boss selection to view its armor info and such.

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Re: Please undo the new visual changes

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