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power armor

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power armor Empty power armor

Post by rainen on Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:48 pm

I figured out a way to have dedicated support classes be viable in addition to having a whole host of other issues dealt with

Power armor.

Simply put, half of damage taken is transferred to energy, attacks are enhanced by energy, and I want to say spells will cost energy but that would make casters useless without a non stetmann source of energy regen (not to mention you'd have to universally double or even triple the effectiveness of spells). At low energy these bonuses are lost, but your friendly neighborhood stetmann would now be able to recharge your power armor (and one of his lvl 8 spells or better yet a perk unique to him should allow him nearly unlimited energy at cost of losing his shields) rather then uselessly healing your health.

Without a stetmann, your power armor will run out of energy fairly quickly and with only the natural energy regen, once it tanks that's basically it. Though as an after thought, giving the cdr and spell damage items energy regen would be a perfect way to offset the potential caster reliance on a stettman...

Also, with the power armor out of energy everything would basically revert to live values. As a thought to how it would work: total energy is a flat 500. With greater then 300 energy remaining, half of damage is transferred to energy damage. An alternative is a 100 strength shield is added. This shield is healed at rate of 100 per second at the cost of 50 energy with no delay. At less then 300 energy the shield looses it's powered regeneration. With greater then 100 energy remaining all weapons fire 20% faster and gain 40% bonus damage. With less then 100 energy remaining all bonuses are lost, but spells may still be cast.

Spells should have mediocre energy costs. lvl 1 should be in the neighborhood of 10 per cast, lvl 4 should be in the realm of 15 per cast, excluding stim, level 8 should be around 15 per cast as well and ultimate spells should cost 30, 35, 30 and 40 respectively. Ultimate spells would need to be made universally stronger (but that's true even without this change) As an alternative to universally buffing spells, having greater then 250 energy can provide the player with a boost to spell damage (around 50% or so) and having more then 400 energy can provide a CDR increase (around 40%)

Finally, not only would power armor fix quite a few problems (low hp values, face tanking with a build that can support it fairly well) but it would then open up a massive set of potential passives that can be used to focus in on improving the power armor (not to mention trinkets) also, you could even add a full blown upgrade dealer to improve your power armor adding a whole new facet to the game.


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