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bugs and suggestions regarding mostly heroes

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bugs and suggestions regarding mostly heroes

Post by FlamingTomato on Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:36 pm

Hi, found this game yesterday and i'm absolutely loving it, amazing quality and by far one of the best games in the entire arcade. I do have some problems with it though.

1: if you go to the hero selection in the armory and try to pick a hero you haven't unlocked your character gets temporarily removed from the game, forcing a restart of the game.

2: Extreme is too easy. Add more projectiles and attacks on extreme, fill the screen! (or add an even harder difficulty)

3: Hovering over the medic, warfield and marauder doesnt show you how to unlock it?

4: Make shotguns have even shorter range, give sniper rifles even longer. Maybe even give shotungs AOE? Or just increased damage. The guns just need to feel more different.

5: While the attack on the armory is cool, it happens way to often and really only involves you standing by the window auto attacking. Maybe after a little while, you could let the player jump into the medivac and go out and fight on top of the hyperion, using a regular topdown perspective, and getting access to all abilities?

Great job on this excellent mod!


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Re: bugs and suggestions regarding mostly heroes

Post by Daleman on Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:19 pm

1) This bug is something I will try to receate in a game so I can experience it too and fix it.

2) Extreme does seem somewhat easy to veteren players, but the one problem is that its available to first time players. This means on someones first time playing they can start off battleing a boss on a harder difficulty and have a bad time. I think the solution to this would to make another difficulty harder than extreme as you stated and only make this available to players if everyone has a character above the level 9 so first time players and beginers don't get killed first thing in a fight.

3) Right now the medic, marauder and warfield are not available. Warfield will become available when the final tier 3 boss is available too. Defeating this boss is a requirement to unlock warfield. Coming soon.

4) This is a great idea! This is something I have been trying to achieve but the time to do so is pretty close. I Have 2 more weapons to add to the map then right after I can balance all the weapons in a spreadsheat and make them all diverse as you have suggested.

5) This is another great idea. I added this to a list of additional content which will get added to the map.

Thanks for your time writing this

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Re: bugs and suggestions regarding mostly heroes

Post by dgerb on Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:41 pm

Hi there,

Like the other guys, I also just discovered this game and I agree that it's definitely the best game on arcade. It definitely shows true map making passion.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Tosh's Crushing Grip skill (the one that lifts people into the air and hurts them) has hotkey Q, but I believe it should be R.



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Re: bugs and suggestions regarding mostly heroes

Post by blaisem on Thu May 28, 2015 7:11 am

The Hunter's Enrage "W" ability doesn't seem to work. I tried several times to get it to taunt enemies and it never happened.

There are a lot of unclear tooltips and homogenized weaponry that create a fairly ambiguous experience for anyone exploring the RPG element of the game. I think rewriting tooltips and readjusting numbers for the next release would catapult it to a top-played game.  I have some ideas for this but it seems development has stopped?


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Re: bugs and suggestions regarding mostly heroes

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