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Leveling 'n stuff

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Leveling 'n stuff Empty Leveling 'n stuff

Post by Samoth on Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:30 am

Firstoff, I realy enjoyed playing this map and see alot of potential in it.
But secondly, there are some things I dont particularly like. Mainly the leveling, and I know it has been adressed before, but In my honest opinion it takes way too long to get even remotely close to high level.
now, I dont know for what exactly you get experience, a friend and I calculated a bit. For farming exp, we came up with the Leviathan on normal beeing the most effective Boss, with about 28 Experience per second, and about 15 seconds per bossfight, which leaves you with about 420 Exp per Leviathan. Now you need 99999Exp for level 13, which means the quickest way you get to lvl 13 is Killing Leviathan around 240times. At 15Seconds per bossfight it would take you about an hour Bosstime. This get obviously gets boring very quickly.
Now, you might say "why dont you go kill other bosses? That wouldn't be as boring as doing the same boss 240times, right?" Yes. It would not be. but as far as we know, there is nothing in this game we didnt do, except try out every hero. So, literally, we did everything, and are still not max level.

Finally, to my suggestion:
I would like to get more experience for higher tier bosses, like, generally alot more.
Also I would like to have a way ingame to completely remove the armory invasion, or the ability to just completely ignore it and continue on playing. For example: I would gladly pay 150$ ingame every game, just so I can shut those stupid hangar doors, or set up some autoturrets which completely smash those zerg to pieces before I can even think about going down there.

Otherwise, apart from some weapons beeing completely useless(Warmagaunt, Flamethrower), and others beeing completely redundant(Sniper Rifle, Imperial Rifle, Umojan Rifle), There is realy nothing too wrong with this map. The bosses are most of the times fun and challenging, though not too hard or frustrating. Some seem too easy(Yagdra, Leviathan(!!)).

Thank you for reading, Maybe I'll edit it once I'm more awake, I'll be around.


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Leveling 'n stuff Empty Re: Leveling 'n stuff

Post by Daleman on Mon May 05, 2014 12:26 pm

Thanks for your input, I will increase the exp reward for killing higher end bosse.
I recently rebalanced all the weapons so hopefully that addressed what you mentioned about that.
And for the higher levels there will be raids and missions for players to gain additional exp.
The occurrence of invasions attacking the ship will get reduced greatly so it won't be annoying.

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