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Crashing to desktop

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Crashing to desktop Empty Crashing to desktop

Post by Kovenant on Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:40 pm

Hello there, i played this map a couple of days ago solo on the EU servers and found it really fun, but now that i try to start the map again it loads into the game and says something like "deliberate tampering detected" or something like that and then it crashes the game.

I just want to point out that i have not tried to cheat or anything, I've tried it 3-4 times now and i get the same crash every time, even updated my video drivers since the crash log said something about that, to no effect.

Is there any way to reset the data or something? I don't mind starting over since i don't think i even got very far (Lvl 7 Tychus) i just want to try to beat the rest of the bosses

Edit: Tried one more time after posting this and i intended to take a screenshot of the message i got, but instead i pressed F10 and the the map didn't crash, i lost all my previous progress though but that's okay.

Played for 3 hours as Nova this time and got to level 10 and killed all the bosses on all difficulties except the last 2 on Tier 3 (didn't check raid) which i only did on normal before quitting, really liking the map and i'm gonna review it 5 stars and tell my friends about this map


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Crashing to desktop Empty Re: Crashing to desktop

Post by Daleman on Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:00 am

Sorry about the inconvenience, this bug has been fixed.
A way to delete your bank if this is still a problem is to go into your Documents>StarCraft 2 Folder>(Account Name + # Folder)Example (Daleman.740@1)>Banks Folder Then finally find the document BBE and delete it this will start your data from the start again.

NOTE since the updates this may not be needed.

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