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Bugs - v0.1 Kerrigan Hotkeys / Attack Range and some other Stuff (With Pics)

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Bugs - v0.1 Kerrigan Hotkeys / Attack Range and some other Stuff (With Pics)

Post by GomezTK on Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:10 pm



1) Kerrigan got his basic skill and support skill (8) on same Hotkey (R)
Please change Hotkey of Basic Skill to Q like on other Heros.

Kerrigan wrong Hotkeys Pic:

2) Kerrigan got +5% Weapon damage from Kerrigan Passiv Skill and she got +1 attack range?!? That 1 range seems like a bug.

Kerrigan +1 attackrange bug:

3) Skill names / descriptions are sometimes in my Language (German) sometimes in English and some have nothing usefull.

Bad skill desription:

4) The Level 3 Upgrade -> "Reduced cooldowns" dont seems to work, the tooltip will not change (Tooltip Cooldown is same on all SKills) and i testet some Skills which got Still same cooldown then before?

5) Leviathan is a bit Buggy, you cant see armor on extreme and it seems like getting same armor on normal, hard and extreme (0).


6) Tier 3 is for players from 15-19:
It need like 30-40 bosses to get from 10-11
It need like 50-60 bosses to get from 11-12
So im fully geared before i reach 12 and i need like 200 bosses to get to 15, please change the amount of exp for tier 2 bosses for players in this levelrange to not need 200 kills to get 15?!?

7) The difficult is not pretty usefull, just some more hp and armor isnt that hard. It would be nice if bosses get some additional skills on hard or extreme to let it be a hard or extreme figth!

8)This ship get attacked for to much times (Like every 4. time) that is a little bit to much and implement some other attacks too^^

Best Map i have ever seen in SC2!


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